Gear Inspection

NFPA recommends an advanced inspection for all fire fighting protective clothing be conducted annually. During this rigorous process, our 3rd-party-verified and  manufacturer-certified inspectors will disassemble your PPE and put it through the NFPA recommended tests and then reassemble it.

If the item passes all aspects of the advanced inspection, it is properly reassembled, packaged, and returned to you ready for service!

If the item should fail any portion of the inspection, Turnout Express will prepare an estimate for repairs or recommend the item be removed from service.

Ensemble Inspection per NFPA 1851 means:

Turnout gear is comprised of 2 layers – a thermal liner and moisture barrier. In order to meet NFPA 1851 compliance standards, these layers must be separated during inspection so that:

  • The thermal liner can be illuminated and visually inspected for wear and material drift.
  • The moisture barrier can be hydrostatically tested in multiple areas with specialized equipment.


Turnout Express has one of the most advanced PPE repair tracking systems. Every time a piece of gear is serviced with us, we will update the service record for each piece repaired to reflect the most up-to-date information for customer reference at any time during regular business hours.